Because security should give you the freedom to innovate.

Salted Signal is the Melbourne-based cloud security and compliance company that delivers turnkey automation solutions to solve the real world problems facing almost every business with a digital footprint. Our thought leaders have led some of the country’s largest and most complex ICT projects. As individuals, we have experience working for trusted Tier 1 and Tier 2 brands across industries including telecoms. government. banking. utilities. logistics. insurance.

As a company, our journey started in 2012. At the time, DevOps was a brand new buzzword, cloud adoption was in its infancy and enterprise use of open source was just getting traction. Configuration management wasn’t even on the radar and compliance meant manual server hardening and change control procedures. When the rest of the cyber-security and compliance community ignored open source, cloud computing and DevOps, Salted Signal’s founders decided to embrace it.

Today, Salted Signal’s cloud automation solutions are used by small and mid-tier organisations who need to store, process and manage highly sensitive and valuable data on public cloud platforms. We’ve helped countless teams not only defend against sophisticated cyber attacks, but also demonstrate their security and compliance posture to external compliance auditors.

Without giving up the freedom to innovate. That’s our promise.

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