A better way to automate integrate manage secure automate
cloud-based applications.

Operational in days, audit-ready in weeks.

Open source systems are already pretty good at defending against common cyber attacks. But sometimes, you just need more. Maybe you’re dealing with government, credit card or sensitive personal data, and you want peace of mind knowing that when the security auditor comes knocking, you’re covered. Or, maybe you just want to avoid being the next data breach news story.

We hear you. That’s why we’ve developed cloud automation solutions for discerning clients with unique cyber-security and compliance needs. In the past, it was normal to suffer through 6-12 month lead times and seven-figure build costs. Fortunately, those days are over. The Cohesion Method is the turnkey, compliance-driven solution you’ll need to be up and running within days at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you’ll be reaping the benefits of cloud computing, software-defined networking and infrastructure-as-code from day one of your cloud journey.

The blueprint for cyber-security success in the cloud.

It's the technical and procedural blueprint for deploying and managing secure cloud hosting environments — at scale.

Web-scale open source frameworks.

The Cohesion Method ships with web-scale infrastructure automation code for a range of open source frameworks, so whether your applications are in PHP, Java, Ruby or Python, we can get you up and running fast. Need a clustered PostgreSQL database? We can show you how to do that. Maybe you’d like to integrate with existing, on-premise systems? We’ll show you how to customise the automation code to suit your specific needs. You’ll even learn how to manage change and keep your infrastructure patched through a series of centralised command-and-control consoles that just work.

So you made a change that broke something? Just revert to your previous commit. Maybe you fixed a bug and want to test it in a staging environment? Just create a branch. The Cohesion Method automates your production and staging infrastructure in a way that ensures your source code and your data remain safely and securely cocooned within your environment.


​​Powered by enterprise-grade open source software

​Pre-hardened virtual machine images

​​Version-controlled configuration management

​Centralised source code management

​​Continuous integration and delivery

​​Stage and automate upgrades and security patches

​​Centralised identity and access management

​​Multi-factor authentication & single sign on

​Public key infrastructure

​​Encryption in-transit and at-rest

​​​​Seamlessly handle site and instance failures

​​​Centralised logging and monitoring

​Multiple backup and restore options

​Supports modern web application technologies

​Includes compliance and operational documentation

​Conforms to ISO27001, PCI-DSS and ISM

Support strategies that are right for you..

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, we can develop a support strategy that’s right for you. If you have the technical personnel already and want full control, the Cohesion Method was built for you. If you’d rather have your infrastructure managed by a trustworthy third party, we partner with some of the best managed cloud hosting providers in the country so that no matter how small your project is, you can still benefit from protecting your digital assets with the Cohesion Method.

Safeguard sensitive data and mitigate risk with the most cost-effective enterprise-grade cloud automation solution available.

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