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Securing Australia's Critical Internet Infrastructure

AusRegistry is the contracted party that provides the DNS servers and related infrastructure for the vast majority of Australian top-level and second-level Internet domains – including .au,, and Because of this, AusRegistry’s global network of DNS servers are important pieces of national infrastructure in cyber space.

Does infosec need to expand its vocabulary?

I find security very interesting. Both as a term and the concepts behind the term, I think it's the most fascinating, ambiguous and misunderstood thing our industry grapples with on a daily basis. If you ever want proof of this, go around your organisation and ask people, "What does 'IT security' mean to you?" - you'll get a different answer from each person you ask!

Case study: SoNET Systems

More than ever before, Australian government agencies are engaging local businesses to deliver high-end digital services to the public, a phenomenon which has paved the way for a vibrant tech startup community that often out-performs the established players in the digital delivery space. But when those smaller businesses are contractually required to adhere to the government's strict data security requirements, the dream can quickly turn into the nightmare.